Diagnose Your Needs

Capability Frameworks

Articulate the leadership vision and behavioural expectations as aligned to your strategy. Build a common leadership language in your organisation.

Success Profiles 

Defining a new standard. Describing the benchmark. Consider current needs and future requirements for your leaders.

Leadership & Talent Assessment

Measure leadership and talent capability for individuals and groups – before prescribing solutions. Customised assessment methodologies. Quantitative and qualitative data points including Day-in-the-Life assessments, psychometric assessments, case studies, simulations, behaviour-based interviews and more.

Insight, Motivation & Culture Diagnostics

Improve self-awareness and motivation to develop through individual feedback sessions, motives and values diagnostics and leadership assessment. Identify the intrinsic drivers of your workforce and your leaders. Gain independent and objective insights into organisational culture through structured research and data collection methodologies.

Strategic Workforce Assessment

Plan your future workforce requirements linked to values, vision and strategy. Identify the critical capabilities required for success.


In 2017, we partnered with a large Australian retailer seeking to transform and elevate operational leadership capability. Through consultation, we crafted numerous Success Profiles articulating new standards of leadership capability. We then designed and deployed a customised assessment process to gain objective insights into the function’s current capability and development opportunities.

In 2016, we partnered with an ASX10 organisation to design and deliver an annual 2-day Insight & Development Centre that formed an integral part of the organisation’s high potential leadership assessment program to assess and develop enterprise-wide leaders for the organisation. The Centre for Leadership Advantage designed a bespoke, stretch competency-aligned assessment program including fully customised simulations, group learning activities, executive presentations, psychometric diagnostics and participant feedback loops.

Develop Your Leaders

Learning Needs Analysis

Qualitative and quantitative methods to identify individual and group learning and development needs.

Leadership Development

Executive, senior leadership and management development, both non-accredited and accredited through our partners. World-class content from leading sources including global and local academic and applied research, Centre for Leadership Advantage’s alliances and partners in academia, business schools and industry.

Learn online – self-paced, flexible, support your individual learning journey, development-for-one.

Learn in person – facilitation, workshops and in-house programs built on the principles of the Active Leader model.

Learn in practice – applied learning, on-the-job and experiential development, accountability for growth.

Learn as a team – group and peer feedback, team diagnostics, cross-functional projects.

Further content including a full menu of learning modules and topics available upon request. Modules can be delivered as micro modules (1-3 hours), half-day, full-day, multi-day or customised programs in any combination to fit your requirements. We will advise the most appropriate program structure, components and duration to achieve your leadership development objectives.

Sales Capability 

Robust methodologies and tools to diagnose and develop sales culture and capability and support the sustained growth of your organisation.

Individual & Team Coaching 

Sustained behaviour change in a safe and confidential environment. Ongoing support and feedback. Career transition programs for individuals. Workplace-supported development for leaders.

LEAD Business Chicks × CLA

Powered by CLA in partnership with Business Chicks. A unique and powerful leadership development offering, that will support, build and empower the women in your organisation. Click here to find out more and register.


Learn in person – in 2016, we partnered with a large Australian retailer to design and deliver a 6­-month, 6­-module development program to foster important personal and team skills in the areas of influencing for outcomes, facilitation, leveraging internal relationships and optimising external relationships. Participants completed several diagnostic measures including motives and values measures, and participated in a number of group-based learning activities delivered each month. Interspersed throughout the program were three­-monthly developmental milestone coaching sessions to measure individual progress and program efficacy.

Learn as a team – the CLA team worked with a large, Government-regulated health and life sciences organisation to design and deliver a specialist 360° tool for use with the Board and Executive Leadership Team. Our solution provided powerful insights on the working relationships between Directors and leaders, how they provide feedback to each other and leverage peer expertise for heightened team performance.

Make People Decisions

Selection Assessment

Assessment for external hires. Assessment for internal selection. Psychometric diagnostics (measuring cognitive ability, personality, leadership, motives, values, sales call reluctance, emotional intelligence and more), case studies, behavioural interviews, Day-in-the-Life simulations. See your candidate in action before making the decision. Materials and templates also available under license.

Deploying Talent

Talent planning using multiple data points. Assessing for job-person fit, readiness for promotion, critical leadership transitions and outplacement.

Defining Potential

Understanding what potential means for your organisation. Considers culture fit, growth mindset, capabilities and leadership competencies.

Assessing Potential

Multiple data points. Rigorously designed, evidence-based and scientifically valid assessments, mapped to your definition of potential. Have confidence in where you invest your leadership spend.

Managing Succession & Executive Integration

Ensure new leaders build momentum and become fully functioning team members as quickly as possible. More than simply onboarding, our structured programs support the appointed candidate and the organisation from the moment a hiring decision is made. Includes measures of organisational readiness, culture insights, structured coaching and facilitated workshops with subject matter/organisation experts and stakeholder mapping to accelerate integration.


In 2016, we established a relationship with an ASX-listed branded product company seeking to introduce more rigour into their leadership recruitment and selection process to, in turn, make more confident and informed hiring decisions. We support this client on an ongoing basis by recommending, administering and interpreting cognitive ability and personality diagnostics aligned to each role being filled. We also provide, under license, customised simulation materials and accompanying evaluation guides designed to assess problem-solving, decision-making and leadership capabilities.

In 2016, we established a partnership with JFE Global, one of the most successful executive search and leadership solutions firms in Australia, to support search and selection processes for a range of executive roles in education, health, Government and not-for-profit organisations. These include Vice Chancellor, Dean, Head of School, C-level, Executive General Manager, Manager, Deputy Secretary, Executive Director positions and more.

Measure Results

CLA Indices

Measure change in real behavioural terms. Pre and post intervention measures. Benchmark your progress compared to industry standards.

Performance Metrics

Identify the business drivers and performance metrics that will demonstrate your return on investment. Statistical analysis that can demonstrate direct causal effect from your interventions.

Participant Surveys

Post intervention surveys to gather individual feedback. Hear from your employees and candidates.

Pulse Checks

Track what your employees are thinking and monitor their progress in real time. Keep your leadership development investment on track.

Customised Insights & Diagnostics 

Design and measure constructs through qualitative and quantitative tools. Includes self-rater surveys, multi-rater surveys, 360° diagnostics, psychometric instruments and more. CLA proprietary tools to measure a range of leadership constructs including impact, culture, growth mindset and more.


In 2017, we partnered with a leading food retailer to design a customised multi-rater survey with items mapped to specific performance differentiators key to success in a number of operational roles. Powered by our survey platform partner, the tool, and its custom report outputs, now form a key part of the performance appraisal process for this organisation.